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Post by littlemicky8 on Sun Aug 11, 2013 1:18 am

IGN: Littlemicky8
Admin/Mod: Admin
Why you want to be admin/mod: I had a server of my own and i believe i would be a great asset to your server and help make it bigger and better. I have used your server for a bit now and am loyal to it and if made mod i would go on to the server a lot more and help in every way i can. I also believe that with a growing server you will need more reliable staff to count on when your not on, this I believe I am. I have also co ownerd with my friend on his server.

Past Experience: I had a server of my own. I belive having this experince of ownenig a server is a great asset because i already no what you would want from me being an ex owner my self

why i should get it. I should get it becasue i have good expreince of ownening a server of my own and no how to deal with people who try and hack the server. I also am a reasonably good builder, I have some great designs for the server.

about yourself: Im 15 live in the UK England and go on the server regualy as much as possible

Other: thanks for reading this application and hope you take it in for consideration and really do belive i will be a great asset to your team and will take the admin post seriously thanks!

Littlemicky8 Smile


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