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Post by Armadd on Sun Aug 04, 2013 9:16 am

IGN: Armadd


Admin/Mod: I would like Mod or Admin.

Why You Want Admin/Mod: I Would like to be Admin or Mod because I enjoy helping people and its my way of having fun also I like building new thing and helping out the server and make sure everything goes smoothly.

Past Experience: I have been Mod before and Admin before on smaller servers mostly one nearly as big as this it was fun i also enjoy building.Another thing is Ive had my own server for a year but took it down because we kept getting hacked

Why should you get Admin/Mod: I think i should get it because i am a good builder i like solving problems also I am not a no lifer but i am on minecraft a lot and I will always be on so if anything happens i am here to protect the server

Location: California city East Palo Alto

About Yourself: Well I'm nice appreciative accept-ant of things i listen to people and staff i'm polite and can be a little bit funny so i can interact with the people and make sure they have a good time on this server

Other:I like to help people and help servers and make sure they go good and also i like protecting things so ill be protective also i can stop hackers and find out whose hacking


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