MightyBugGun - abuse (gotcha) ;)

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MightyBugGun - abuse (gotcha) ;) Empty MightyBugGun - abuse (gotcha) ;)

Post by Mp5xz on Sat Aug 03, 2013 9:51 am

IGN: Mp5xz

IGN Of Person: MightyigGun

Their Current Rank: headMod

What They Did: Abuse - flying while in pvp.

Why They Should Be Demoted: They were abusing their powers and used /fly to get away from death. He also used /god but there isnt any proof for that since I wasnt recording my fight..

proof: https://imgur.com/VWzZml9 That is him, flying away from death. Even though he doesnt have anything, it is still abusing powers. Please get this guy demoted.

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