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Post by packers199 on Sun Aug 04, 2013 9:33 am

IGN: packers199

Admin/Mod: I would love to have Admin but i have ran a server before and know that you need to trust someone first, so i don't mind being mod first and then move up later on.

Why You Want Admin/Mod: I would like to be an admin because i like to catch hackers and really all i want is for the player's on the server to have the best experience. I've played this server for I think about two days now and have already met a faction and joined them. That shows I'm really good with people and that they like me. If you make me an Admin/Mod I would help there server to become its greatest until the day it shut down. I even have my own server and i would rather play this one than mine.

Past Experience: I have been Co-Owner twice on two servers, Admin about eight times now currently not staff on any other server so full availability, and mod more times than i can count.

Why You Should Get It: I think i should get in because i have been playing minecraft for a very long time and think i am very skilled at running servers and helping out. I dont use any mods not even optifine.

Location: Las Vegas, NV

About Yourself: I am 14 years old going to be a freshmen next year and playing football for the high school team. I am getting my first job in 2 months because thats when I turn 15 and i am very excited for that.

Other: Im good with my computer and know how t use minecraft which i hope that everyone who plays minecraft knows too. Thanks and i understand what you decision is if you pick me or not.


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