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Migironi's application form. Empty Migironi's application form.

Post by migironi on Wed Jul 24, 2013 12:50 pm

IGN: Migironi

Admin/Mod: I would love to have Admin but i have ran a server before and know that you need to trust someone first, so i don't mind being mod first and then move up later on. Smile

Why You Want Admin/Mod: The reason why i would like to be Admin/Mod is because i love helping servers out and love helping other players out and just love watching servers grow. I also have had a lot of experience with servers since i have owned about 3-4 servers but i had to stop them because of lack of donations and i just could not afford it each month. And that is a reason i want to donate in the future as well to help keep the server up as long as possible. If i did get this roll on the server i would try to help everyone as much as i can and i would answer all questions asked that some people may just ignore. I have played on this server for about 1 week now and love it so i would like to apply for mod/admin.
Also if you want i could maybe give the server a shoutout on my youtube channel. I am with machinima and almost have 1000 subscribers.
my youtube name is MigiGamesHD
Past Experience: I have had a lot of experience in my past. I have owned 3-4 servers but i had to close them because of lack of donations and that's why i will donate to this server in the future. I have also been admins and moderators and once a co owner on servers but not anymore people they shut down. The last server i was staff on, i donated i think all together about $85 in 6 months.

Why You Should Get It: The reason why i think i should get it is because i have a god attitude towards making your server the best server possible and make sure that all players love playing on it. If i did get mod/admin i would be on as much as i can.

Location: I live in Australia. Smile

About Yourself: I am 15 years old. I live in Australia, i pretty much only play minecraft. I also do youtube videos and i am partnered with machinima with nearly 1000 subscribers. I am a friendly person and love to help people out and help servers out to be better. I also have a brother that is eleven but i tell you what for his age he is actually really professional when he is staff on a server. He acts as if he is 17.

Other: I really do hope you accept me as a new staff member but anyways i really do like the server. Smile
Thanks for reading.


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Migironi's application form. Empty Re: Migironi's application form.

Post by BlakeyBrah on Wed Jul 24, 2013 1:06 pm



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