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Post by Pr0Pancakes on Mon Jul 22, 2013 1:38 pm

Hello there, Usually I would start this introduction very differently but to follow up with the guidelines as far as format I will be following them, So on another note my IGN is Pr0Pancakes, I'm currently applying for the position of Administrator.

Now the main body of the application asking, Why do 'I' want this particular rank? Well to be honest, Who doesn't wanna be the awesome Administrator, So lets just skip this question for future references and hop right into the more fishy question, WHY should I get this certain rank? Well, I haven't played the server much but, I'm sure together there is allot we could improve on and I have a great few ideas to help the server. I don't wanna babble on about it so the future will tell if the ideas are put into play.

My Location, I currently live in Louisville Kentucky in the United States I don't wish to go into more detail than that.

About me, We'll there's not allot to tell a few of my personal features are I have Blond Short hair, Blue eyes excellent in English and grammar, Have ran and currently run my own server, Have a personal Partnership With beastnode Minecraft server hosting company. Am great with problems can fix just about anything giving the right description, Permissions plugins counteracting each other, Etc and I play Minecraft and on Rare occasion create Lets-Play videos for YouTube. Not much more to tell from that but I'm not really that important here, Were here for the server Very Happy

I'm guess "Other" Refers to additional details in this case there aren't many, If additional Infomation is needed you can probably find me on the server during daylight hours,

Thanks for Reading!
Best Regards- Scott H. (Pr0Pancakes)


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Administrator Application Empty Re: Administrator Application

Post by BlakeyBrah on Wed Jul 24, 2013 12:31 pm

Declined. (Didn't use the application template)


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