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Admin/Mod: Preferable Admin

Why You Want Admin/Mod:
I want to be Admin because I like to help others! When I help other it makes me feel good about myself! I am all about making the server a better place to have fun on our free time! Making me admin will make my day and and most importantly it will help the server!

Past Experience:
I was the owner of my own server, I was the Admin on 200 + playerbase sever, and mod on 2 other servers.

Why You Should Get It:
Well, I believe I have the ability to make a great Mod. I feel that I am very mature, responsible, and trustworthy enough to handle this position. As we all have seen, your servers has had a major increase of new players so its important that new Admins  are helpful to these newcomers, because the first impression that is made on them determines whether they will continue to play, whether they will vote, even donate, and most importantly what they will tell others. That is why I feel I am good for the position. Even though I am not Staff, I am always patient with newcomers, I am very responsive to players questions, and I always take the time to answer them.   I know exactly how to handle and what to do in every situation. When it comes to enforcing the rules and punishing rule-breakers, I am not easy to get angry and would never abuse the power given to me nor would I ever unfairly punish someone for being "annoying" or any reason for that matter. I am very alert for possible hackers around me, but having to make a whole report instead of giving them immediate justice is very unfortunate, because I am unable to control situations that get out of hand. I figure, if this is my favorite server and I wouldn't want others ruining it, then why not apply for Admin? That way I can protect the server and others will look to me for answers, which I am always looking satisfy. I also have a very flexible schedule due to being home-schooled, so I can be on any time which I believe is rare to find in a Admin. If I am promoted to Mod I will never abuse my power, rather I will use it to protect the server and help everyone to have an AWESOME gaming experience on this great server. If you trust me as Admin I guarantee you will not regret it! Please feel free to test me!

Location: USA, Pennsylvania

About Yourself: I am 17 years old, I live in the USA and I like to play Factions Minecraft!




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