AsianJokerXD apllication for Mod

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AsianJokerXD apllication for Mod Empty AsianJokerXD apllication for Mod

Post by AsianJokerXD on Sat Jul 20, 2013 7:12 am

IGN: Im AsianJokerXD
Why i want to be a mod: i want to be a mod because i have joined many servers and this is got to be one of the best ones yet i would, i also want to be mod because one of the thing i like to do is to help people out, and i would like this to continue being a good server.

Past experience: I have never been a Mod in other servers cause either i didnt apply (because it wasnt a great server) or it was an elective server, So i find this to be a chance to be a Mod on a good server (just to help out)

Why i should get it: I believe i should get Mod because i go on usually me and my friends join 4-6 days ago and we've played around 30-40 hours Im really not sure but its been awhile. we've also ditched some other faction servers cause this one was better,

Location: Western Australia (Perth) (Morley suburb)

About my self: Im 14 im male, i was born is Australia but my background is Chinese and Viet.

Other: i just really enjoy playing a server, i don't really mind if i don't get mod but its just see it as a good chance to start being usefull. thanks for reading =)

and if you want to know more you can always skype me =)


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AsianJokerXD apllication for Mod Empty Re: AsianJokerXD apllication for Mod

Post by BlakeyBrah on Sun Jul 21, 2013 12:13 pm



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