soccer333's staff application.

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soccer333's staff application. Empty soccer333's staff application.

Post by soccer333 on Sat Jul 20, 2013 2:45 am

IGN: soccer333

Admin/Mod: Admin

Why You Want Admin/Mod: I would like to be an Administrator for your server because I would love to help out as much as possible. Also I love to be apart of your community and I am looking forward to become good friends with you.

Past Experience: I have had a lot of past experience, in fact so much I can't even remember most. The most successful server I have ever worked for is VoidCraft and I was admin/dev. I have run my own servers in past times and they have ended up slightly successful but I closed the server on account for that I need to stay ontop of my school work.  

Why You Should Get It: I think I should get this staff position because I know basicly everything you need to know about server and maintaining them. Also if you server gets popular and you are looking to bring new servers into your network, I am good with bungge cord so I could set them up for you.

Location: I am located in Australi (time zone: UTC/GMT +10 hours)

About Yourself: I am a 16 yo Male. I am going to a public school but only because I was selected out of 800 kids to join an Accelerated Learning Program. (only 30 kids were accepted. Im pretty proud Razz)

Other: I care for all server that give me the chance to show you that I am worth your time. (also I am a hard worker, fair and never give up.)
Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes made.


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soccer333's staff application. Empty Re: soccer333's staff application.

Post by BlakeyBrah on Sun Jul 21, 2013 12:12 pm

Accepted for mod


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