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DragoonHD's Staff Application Empty DragoonHD's Staff Application

Post by DragoonHD on Tue Jul 16, 2013 2:05 pm

IGN: DragoonHD

Admin/Mod: Admin

Why You Want Admin/Mod: I would like to be a Admin because i have Been Playing on the Server for a long time, And I would really Want to help out the server. Also because I like Helping people who are new, and I LOVE to build for Servers, and Being a Admin makes me able to Do that. (Creative etc)

Past Experience: I used to have my Own PvP Faction server In 1.5. And i was A Co Owner on my friends Server for about 6 Months. I have also been A Admin on 1 Other Server.

Why You Should Get It: I think i should get it Because of my Dedication to The server and also my Minecraft Capabilities. Also because I am very Good at Building and i Love to Help People Out:).

Location: Canada Ontario.

About Yourself: I am 14 Years Old from Canada Ontario. I love to Play Video games. My favorite Games are Minecraft, Skate 3, and COD. I also spend alot of Time Skateboarding with my Friends.

Other: Thank you For Reading My Staff Application!Smile



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DragoonHD's Staff Application Empty Re: DragoonHD's Staff Application

Post by BlakeyBrah on Fri Jul 19, 2013 1:10 pm



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